We take great pride in making available products that are raised without the use of growth hormones, preservatives, dyes and antibiotics on a daily basis, and raised in a humane way. While working with other local farmers, Heffron Farms Markets bring our customers a variety of naturally raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey, dairy products, eggs and much more. Currently our stores are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. We also ship products throughout the United States, and are now offering free delivery to the Lansing area.

All of our meats are USDA or state inspected, vacuum packaged and frozen to ensure freshness that lasts as long as a year or more in a well maintained freezer. Thawing is just as convenient; simply submerge the package in warm tap water for about 10 -15 minutes, depending on the cut. It should be completely thawed and ready for immediate use. Another option, if meat is not needed that moment, would be to thaw the product in the refrigerator the day before using.

To our family, farming is not a job but a passion. When you love what you do, you want to share it with others. We believe it’s important for a family to eat healthy meals. The Heffron family hopes to share quality products and healthy eating with you and your family.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Heffron Farms Markets.

The Heffron Family

Heffron Farms was originally settled in 1921 by Thomas and Cecelia Heffron. Today we are in our fourth generation of farming the land. The farm has always consisted of livestock and crops to feed our livestock. We feel blessed to have such fertile and productive land and we have always taken pride in being good stewards of this land.

In 1983 Heffron Farms decided to venture into the retail meat business, making natural meats available locally. Originally we marketed our meat at the City of Grand Rapids farmers’ market, which was a big success and led us to open a market on the farm. Two years later we opened our first store in the City of Grand Rapids, and from there we have opened additional stores in the surrounding area. Today Heffron Farms Markets have become well known for the quality of our natural products. “THE NATURAL WAY”

The Heffron family has always had a passion for the land and the crops that grow on it. Today more of our food comes from other parts of the world, making it harder to find locally grown food. If we expect to be able to buy food grown locally in the future, it is vital that we protect the land now for future generations. Currently, Michigan is losing approximately 85,000 acres of farmland each year to other uses.

In addition, there are environmental benefits of farm land, wildlife habitat, rural character and scenic attributes.

The Heffron family is involved with efforts to preserve farmland in Kent County and supports the Kent County Purchase of Development Rights Program (PDR). This program will permanently preserve farmland for generations to come. Kent County has one of the best programs in the State of Michigan. Landowners are compensated for the development portion of the value of the land.

If you would like more information on this, you may contact http://www.accesskent.com/YourGovernment/BOC/PDR/