Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli Florets

Who thought eating veggies could be so good! Our broccoli florets are filled with dark green tops, that make awesome cheesy vegetables, or dipped into a great dill vegetable dip! We like to add it to our pasta, or put in our broccoli-slaw salad. Our broccoli florets come in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.36

California Vegetables

Steamed vegetables anyone or add cheese to these cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots for a fast side dish. California Florentine comes in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $3.72

Diced Onion

No more tears, quit crying and start using our diced onions. These white onions will save you time and the scare of loosing a finger. Easy to measure and add to any dish that comes in a 2.5# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.09

Fajita Vegetables

Green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, and onions that are sliced into tiny strips and ready to jump into your fajita dish. The fresh smell of these vegetables will make your mouth water! Fajita vegetables come in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $3.76

Green Beans

We all love green bean casserole, and nothing beats our pre-cut, washed green beans! Just add your cream of mushroom soup, salt, pepper, a little milk and don’t forget the dried onions on top! Our cut green beans come in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $3.36

Mixed Vegetables

Mix it up a little with our mixed vegetables. Garden peas, carrots, lima beans, corn and green beans can be added to your soup, or homemade turkey pot pie! Our mixed vegetables come in a 2.5# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.25


 These FRESH garden peas are a must have. Great for seven layered salad, or tossed into a alfredo dish, these peas come in a 2.5# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.03

Shoe String Hash Brown Potatoes

Hash browns or cheesy potatoes…you pick. These shoe string hash browns make a fast meal or fantastic side dish. Our hash browns come in a 3# bag ready to cook!

Price: $4.05

Sliced Carrots

We would like to help you out by taking the time of peeling, washing and slicing carrots. This will help you have more time for the family. Sautee carrots, steam or add to your stew for a fast and effortless meal. Sliced carrots come in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $2.60

Sliced Mushrooms

Smothered steak, sautéed for a side dish or tossed in a soup, these pre-sliced mushrooms are out of this world! Comes in a 2.5# reclosable bag.

Price: $6.40

Stew Vegetables

Oohh it’s soup time! You can’t beat a homemade soup made with any of our all natural meats, soup stocks and of course stew vegetables. All in one package sliced carrots, sliced celery, and whole potatoes that comes in a 2.5# reclosable bag, will make one hearty stew!

Price: $4.50

Stir Fry Vegetables

Warm the wok! Add our vegetable stir fry to our pork or turkey stir fry and watch out! With broccoli cuts, shoestring carrots, onion strips, sliced celery, red pepper strips, and pea pods this will make a mean stir fry that is healthy too! Comes in a 2# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.04

Super Sweet White Corn

Super sweet corn right off the cob onto your plate! Not only is this great for just heating and serving, but add it to your homemade turkey pot pie or casseroles for a family favorite. Comes in a 2.5# reclosable bag.

Price: $4.35


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